Echo reporting made easy

Simplifying Echo reports for small practices

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Meet the perfect reporting package for busy clinics

Leverage the power of Piccolo Health to streamline your reporting process

Save time and money

  • Automate your reporting

    • Automatic import of measurements
    • Significant time savings per report. Average 2-5 min per report
    • Saved statements and dropdowns means report writing is a breeze
  • Ease of use

    • Beautifully designed
    • Report on the go! Piccolo Health is cloud based so you're not tied to the office.
    • Easy access to historical patient information
    • Dynamic side by side preview of report
    • Securely share studies with referring doctors, patients etc
  • Cost effective

    • Compatible with all ultrasound device makes and models
    • Secure cloud based storage
    • Import and export existing studies

How It Works

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    Perform a study

    On completion, the study will be available to report on within Piccolo Health automatically. All images and measurements will be available to review
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    Review images and measurements, and then simply fill out the study forms to generate a report. Findings, and conclusions text will automatically be generated for you. A report preview will be shown on the right for you to do a final review.
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    Finalize and share

    Mark the study as finalized, or send to a cardiologist for further review. The report PDF is generated. You can opt to share via email with referring doctors or patients.
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Simple and Fair Pricing

Only pay for what you use. No setup fees, no server costs, no hidden costs.
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Contact us for pricing information
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    Unlimited studies
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    Unlimited users
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    No servers needed

We help many companies shine!

  • Outreach
  • Sq
  • Suncoast
  • Mobileecho
  • Flow
  • Coffs
  • Coastal
  • Heartpics
  • Gchc
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Trusted by organisations across Australia

Don't just take our word for it - see what our customers are saying

“We have been using Piccolo for almost 2 years now. The speed, accessibility and ease of use are hard to beat. We have appreciated how Dom and the team have been very approachable and are constantly thriving to make their product even better.”

Ben Wright, Director/ Sonographer, Heartpics

"I have found the program to be excellent, saving me enormous amounts of time and allowing me to distribute reports within a matter of minutes rather than hours, or even days, which is unfortunately prevalent in many practices"

Dr John Bou-Samra, Gold Coast Heart Care

"The initial and ongoing support from Piccolo has been outstanding. Dom took the time to understand what our needs were when setting up our report templates, and continues to seek feedback, quickly implementing the requests we have. 

Piccolo is different from any other PACS provider, in that they want to know how they can alter the software capabilities to further support and improve our business and productivity."

Lesa King, Director & Sonographer, Outreach Hearts

"Piccolo Health's reporting software is very user friendly and they have been very responsive to modifications and improvements in workflows and templates as we've required them."

Sarah Hunt, Director, Flow Health & Cardiac Diagnostics
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Further questions

We always do our best to answer all the common questions. But please contact us if something is still unclear.

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