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In late 2019, we were shocked to learn how frustrating reporting Echos was. This led us on a journey to create a simple, affordable, and user-friendly platform for sonographers and cardiologists alike, to report and manage their echo business.

Our mission is deeper than just echo reporting. We want to make a product that not only helps medical professionals but helps patients too, and helps pave the way for tech in healthcare.

We work very hard to bridge the gap between the healthcare industry and the tech world. Our aim is to provide you with an easy and simple user experience, with one of a kind customer service on top.

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    Dominic Bou-Samra
    Founder and Director

    Dom has a passion for programming, tech and start up. He has been a full stack software engineer for 14 years and worked in a variety of start ups and tech companies across Australia and internationally. When he's not programming (rare), Dom is a keen competitive Counter-Strike player. He's also got a love of classic cars and motorsport.

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    Sebastian Bou-Samra
    Software Engineer

    Bass found a love for programming 6 years ago. He has been a software developer working in start ups for the last 4 years as a full stack developer. He has a passion for the guitar and kicking his brothers backside in competitive gaming. 

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    Cecil Christensen
    Business Development

    Cecil is a passionate salesperson with a background in new business development spanning over three years. Outside the professional arena, Cecil finds joy in the rough and tumble of rugby league, challenging his mind with puzzles, and embracing the tranquility of beach outings and nature adventures

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    Olivia Mennega
    Everything Else

    Olivia has worked in the health and education industry for the last 6 years across Australia and the USA. She has a Master's in Applied Behaviour Analysis and experience with management and team leadership. When not keeping Piccolo on a path, she enjoys being outdoors, hiking and travelling. 

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